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nutritionYour family cat is a carnivore, a meat-eating member of the order Carnivora, family Felidae. All members of the cat family (lion, bobcat, tiger, lynx, snow leopard, ocelot, etc.) are meat-dependent hypercarnivores.

The cat veterinarians and the cat veterinary technicians of Paris Hill are in agreement that the ideal diet for your cat is one that is high in animal meat protein and fat but low in carbohydrate. There are many canned cat foods that easily meet these criteria.

Please VISIT THIS LINK Janet & Binky's Cat Food Nutritional Information 

This lists most of the canned cat foods that are available in animal hospitals, pet stores, and supermarkets. Choose varieties of canned foods that are 7% or less in carbohydrates. Some of these canned cat foods are stocked at Paris Hill for your convenience.

High Protein Canned Cat Foods

Because dry cat food is sometimes preferred, and perhaps more convenient for your family cat, we have identified three high protein/low carbohydrate dry cat foods for you to consider. These low-carb cat foods (Evo, Instinct, and Core brands) are on display in the waiting room at Paris Hill for your viewing.

Here is a valuable link to some common sense information on how best to feed your cat: http://catinfo.org/.

Info on how to transition your cat from dry to canned food: http://catinfo.org/#Transitioning_Dry_Food_Addicts_to_Canned_Food_

To determine the % of carbohydrates in the cat food that you are presently using, click on to the link below and fill in the information on the label of the bag or can: http://fnae.org/carbcalorie.html

(FYI: a 10 pound indoor cat should be fed approximately 200 calories per day, a 15 pound cat can absorb 275 calories per day without gaining weight.)