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Indoor and Outdoor Cats


It is possible to find much that has been written on the indoor versus outdoor cat controversy. The scientific literature, cat books and magazines, as well as websites on the internet contain much information to help you make an informed decision for your family cat. We have a saying at the Paris Hill Cat Hospital: Outdoor cats have a healthy lifestyle, but indoor cats never seem to get hit by a car. Although a bit sarcastic, this message is clear: outdoor exercise is extremely healthy for cats, but dangers obviously exist out there. Your cat is safest indoors.

Many of the common medical problems we encounter at Paris Hill are seldom seen in outdoor cats. Urinary problems, diabetes, and hyperthyroid disease are almost exclusively seen in indoor cats. Contrastingly, fight wounds, abscesses and serious trauma from automobiles are only seen in the cat that is allowed to go outside.

At the Paris Hill Cat Hospital, we have both kinds of patients and we know their specific needs. Outdoor cats require a different vaccination, nutrition and parasite program than the indoor cat.  Our cat-focused staff will help you design a wellness program for your cat based on your decision for your cat’s lifestyle. Contact Us when you are ready.